About BHB

BHB is a group of companies aim to continue growing and developing. We have been working in the FMCG market for more than 20 years

 During this time, we have gained experience in distribution, logistics, import and export.
High requirements to the quality of work and timing facilitated the organization of its own transport company.

The brand portfolio is continually filled with large manufacturers brands and Private label trademarks produced at our own facilities or on contract basis. Self-feedback, maximalist in work, constant improvement and optimization of all processes ensuring high quality of services recognized by well-known manufacturers, importers and consumers.

BHB Group is a group of companies which has many years of experience in the distribution of household chemicals, hygiene products, cosmetics, fragrances and household products in Ukraine.
For 20 years of work we have achieved leading positions in FMCG distribution and logistics, established import and production of private label of household chemicals, cosmetics, household goods. We develop retail network of household chemicals, cosmetics, household goods and grocery stores.

The BHB group has more than 2,000 employees. They are the main resource and value of our companies. Their high involvement in business processes makes it possible to be one of the most dynamically developing enterprises.
The task of the BHB group is to increase the pace of development in each area of activity and it is possible with the observance of high standards in the work.
The main activities of BHB group:

  • Distribution and logistics of FMCG and non-food;
  • Transport and forwarding services;
  • Production of household goods;
  • Import and production of private label of FMCG and non-food
  • retail sales of goods non-food and food / retail;

BHB Group Values

The movement is not a simple transportation from point A to point B. The way in business is not just about increasing market share and capitalization. The way is the companions and bright and clear goals. It is important to know “who” are you going with. Sometimes it is even more important than to know “where” are you going.
Sergey Bielozaretskii
The ongoing optimization of all processes, the desire to bring them to perfection and daily introduction of technical innovations. Our business is based on these three pillars. A workable and self-learning management tool allows to control and develop our company.
Roman Khalandyrev

Company history

  • 2016
    2016 - the year of active development of private labels. A line of decorative cosmetics PUDRA cosmetics has been developed and produced. The launch of women's hygiene products Milana, household chemicals MAXI POWER started. The assortment of decorative cosmetics DINI has been expanded. A program for rebranding the DINI retail network of shops has been developed.
  • 2015
    An exclusive contract for export, distribution and logistics of DURU, FAX by EVYAR has been signed. The geography of work covers all of the western regions of Ukraine. The portfolio of brands are replenished. We provide distribution and logistics services at new territories for Nutricia, Schwarzkopf, Helen Harper, Loreal, Garanier, Gold drop, SILVER, Nevskaya Cosmetics FORDEVIND SV is created.
  • 2014
    We replenish our portfolio with 4 brands-Nutricia, Humana, Silver, NС Automation and control system is improved The software is developed by its own IT department. It allows wide functionality to be used in on-line mode
  • 2013
    A contract with the Elfa manufacturer has been signed. Distribution and logistics are carried out in the Volyn region. Brand Nutrition. СWe become a supplier of TM Nutricia products in Rivne, Zakarpattya and Lviv regions.
  • 2005-2010
    Owntransport forwarding company In 2010 in order to ensure high-quality inter-regional transportation, we created our own transport forwarding company. Own retail network A decision to create a network of household chemical shops has been made.




In our work we rely only on our own strength and experience. Powerful and reliable partners are a necessary part of success.

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