Nutricia, expansion of the geography of cooperation

In 2017 Nutricia company, summarizing the cooperation with the BHB group, decided to expand its working territory. The distribution service contract was signed. According  to this contract  distribution services in Kyiv, Kropyvnytsa, Cherkassy and Chernihiv regions are provided. Previously, services were provided in Khmelnytsky, Zakarpattya, Lviv, Vinnytsa, Volyn, Rivne, Ternopil, Chernivtsi regions.

Partners noted the high involvement of both directors and teams in promoting products on the market.
Our success lies in the success of our partners.

Introduction of a distance learning system

The corporation BHB group pays much attention to training and development of personnel.
Several years ago we created our own Training center. It  allowed to increase the level of skills, knowledge and motivation of sales personnel.
Today we are working on the implementation of a distance learning system, with it’s help employees will have constant access to the information resources of our organization no matter the time of the day and the location.
Materials are selected and provided by personnel training specialists, managers, colleagues. Staff will be offered training courses composed of selected materials – videos, presentations, articles, books, etc.
Nothing extra – only compressed and necessary information. There will be an opportunity to discuss the materials on the forum and leave your comments. The sales staff will be able to receive a prompt response from a qualified specialist in the required field.

TM Kallos in the BHB group brand package

Since 2019, the well-known TM Kallos supplemented the brand portfolio of the BHB group. This popular Hungarian brand specializes in professional hair care products, decor cosmetics, body and skin care products. Our company is not only an importer of these products in Ukraine, but also provides logistics, distribution and brokerage services.

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