Distribution and Logistics

The main purpose of the BHB Group’s distribution and logistics is to reduce the distance between the manufacturer and the end consumer.

The main purpose of distribution and logistics of BHB group is to bring the manufacturer closer to the final consumer.

BHB group provides sales, logistics and marketing services for large and small manufacturers.
Competitive advantages of our companies are flexibility and speed in making tactical decisions by each division, constant technical improvement, sales, logistics and finance management, marketing.
In order to ensure the reliability of interregional transportations, since 2010, our own transport and logistics company has been established with more than 15 trucks.

The total storage facilities area  is 25,000 sq m. RTP covers more than 25,000 retail trade points in the central and western parts of Ukraine (18 regions in all). Staff – more than 2500 employees (we are more than 2500 employees / more than 2500 employees in our team)

Coverage geography  – the central and western part of Ukraine (18 regions) joined with the above

Every year more and more manufacturers and importers prefer BHB group companies.
Our partners are big  trademarks such as:
Huggies, Kotex, Kleenex, Loreal, Garanier, Humana, Duru, Colgate, Schwarzkopf, Nutrilon, Nestle, Carapuz, Helen Harper, Molped, Maxi Power, Рута, Dead Sea Мinerals (DSM); Місто, BIOCON,Syoss, Glisskur, Palette, Fa, ARKO, Fax, Bio, Dr. Sante, Asens Kids, Window Plus, Mr.Starch, Sensua, Sanix, Asens eco, Floor, Attis, Gold Cytrus, Lemon Fresh band others.


The BHBgroup has its own production facilities, and also manufactures a number of products on a contract basis.

NPK is a national manufacturer of consumer goods. The factory produces garbage bags, polyethylene tablecloths, foil, baking sleeve, stretch film, moisture-absorbing wipes,  microfiber and viscose wipes, scrapers, sponges for cleaning utensils.

Reliability, professionalism and quality are the basic principles of our company.
A quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 has been implemented at the factory. In 2001, at the Privat Label conference, the company was awarded with the “Best Quality” prize.
The service of private label contract production is used by such retailers and distributors as Fozzy food, Tavria V, VelykaKyshenya, Betta, Vista service, UATREID. Also, The products of the plant are represented by the trademark «Chisto».

NPK has its own elaborations and patents.


BHB-group has established and successfully develops several retail chains.


Products of the Kallos brand
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Private Label

Transport and Forwarding Services

We provide a full range of services for international and domestic goods delivery for large, small and medium business. At the same time, we take into consideration the individual requirements of the company, regardless of its size.

The transportation is carried out in a short term and with a high security level and the most advantageous tariff due to the following:
• The logistics specialists form the travel routes.
• The transport selection is based on the initial goods characteristics, including the adherence to special temperature requirements.
• The goods are properly located and fixed in the car, because we care about their safety.
• Groupage cargo transportation services are also rendered: with a sufficient amount and the same route we provide the transportation of the goods of several customers in the same vehicle.
• All vehicles are licensed and accepted to the Association of the international road carriers AsMAP.
• With the help of the GPS-navigators it is easy to track the location of the vehicle.
• Also, our services include insurance and products protection.

The well-known companies trust us their cargoes, because the cooperation with BHB is reliable, and the tariffs are transparent and clear.

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