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Transport Forwarding Services

We provide a full range of services for international and domestic delivery of goods for large, small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time we take into account the individual needs of the company, regardless of its size.

Transportations are carried out in a short time with a high level of security and at favorable prices thanks to the following:

• The routes are formed by professional logisticians
• Transport is selected taking into account the initial characteristics of the goods, including adherence to   a special temperature regime.
• Грузы располагаются и фиксируются в автомобиле должным образом, мы заботимся о их сохранности.
• Goods are located and fixed in the trucks properly; we care about its safety.
• Services of transportation of consolidated goods are provided: at sufficient volume and passing direction we transport loads of several customers in one car.
• All trucks are licensed and accepted into the association of international auto carriers AsMAP.
• Thanks to GPS-navigators you can easily track the location of the truck.
• Our services also include insurance and protection of goods.

All the goods are trusted by well-known companies because cooperation with us is reliable and  all the tariffs are transparent and understandable.